Hand-made in Omaha, USA

From The Edge specializes in handmade adult toys with a sci-fi flair.

Established in 2021, everything at From the Edge is lovingly made by hand out of platinum-cure silicone. Your purchase supports a small business and allows me to improve!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your firmnesses?

Super soft: 00-20

Soft: 00-30

Medium: 00-50

Firm: 10A

What is your return policy?

All sales are final, but if you ask nicely I may be able to make changes to your order before it has shipped. Otherwise, full refunds are only offered on 'defective' toys that are still in-bag, no matter when they were purchased. Some defects may be eligible for partial refunds if the bag has already been opened - this is taken on a case-by-case basis.

Do you ship discreetly?

Yes! I ship all items in plain cardboard boxes and put an alias in the return address. There is no mention of From The Edge anywhere on the outside of the package.

Do you ship internationally?

From The Edge is US-based and ships to most countries. Exceptions are due either to restrictions on adult products or shipping issues/restrictions.

How can you be contacted?

The best ways to reach me (Starella) are through this site's messaging system or my email - starellatoo@gmail.com.

What do you use to wash toys before shipping?

I use Seventh Generation Free & Clear dish soap, which contains no dyes or fragrances.

How do you make your toys?

All toys start in Blender before being printed by an FDM 3D Printer. The prints are smoothed with acetone slurry and some sanding. Mold silicone is poured over the master and left to cure before being removed. Mica powder is mixed into more silicone and degassed before being poured into the mold. A few hours later - Voila! Dildo!