About Our Silicone & Pigments

Our silicone is 100% platinum-cure - the strongest grade of silicone available, as well as skin-safe. It is non-porous, meaning it is difficult for bacteria and dirt to get inside it. The particular types of silicone we use for our models (Smooth-On's Ecoflex and Dragon Skin) is sometimes used to make prosthetics and movie props. The silicone is pigmented using two materials - Silc-Pig, and synthetic, cosmetic mica. Silc-Pig is a skin-safe silicone pigment from Smooth-On. Our cosmetic mica is sourced from a third party and is cosmetic-grade, skin-safe, and ethically-sourced. The mica makes the model shiny, so most of our products will have a bit of sparkle.

Occasionally I will use Sil-Poxy to repair small nicks. Sil-Poxy is clear, skin-safe, and binds fully to already-cured silicone. Spots fixed with Sil-Poxy typically don't require any extra care but they will feel a bit harder than the surrounding silicone. If a toy's description says it has a 'filled' nick, it has been repaired with Sil-Poxy.

Firmness guide:

Super soft: Shore 00-20

Soft: Shore 00-30

Medium: Shore 00-50

Firm: Shore 10A