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Medium Odonata - GITD Medium silicone - OD-086

Medium Odonata - GITD Medium silicone - OD-086

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Behind Odonata's cold exoskeleton is a warm heart and a whole lot more. This model starts out slender and ends in a thick, textured base.

All of our toys are made with platinum-cure silicone and colored with cosmetic-grade silicone pigments and ethically-sourced mica powder. Please know your limits before using.

Color: Pharaoh's Treasure

Usable length: 5.75in

Total length: 7.5in

Tip circumference: 4.5in

Shaft circumference: 5.25in

Usable length: 7.5 in

Total length: 8.7 in

Tip circumference: 5.5 in

Shaft circumference:  6.2 in

Due to the handmade nature of our products, each piece is unique - they may have small irregularities depending on the mold, pigment, and pouring method. Noticeable flaws will be noted in the description.

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