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Alloy - Made-to-Order

Alloy - Made-to-Order

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This listing is for a made-to-order Alloy.

Pick a color and firmness and it will be made to those specifications. Please allow 1-4 weeks for your order to be completed, as there may be a list to get through. Coloration will vary from preview images shown.

Fairy Floss: Sparkly, glow-in-the-dark marble of pastel pink, blue, and purple with translucent layers in between.

Sunset Sherbert: UV-Reactive, glow-in-the-dark fade of yellow-pink-purple with a white marble.

Europa: Sparkly, glow-in-the-dark fade of midnight blue, blue slate, and iridescent blue with a white drip.

Storm Chaser: UV-reactive, glow-in-the-dark marble of black, cyan, and purple.

Guided Surprise: A mystery coloration. Include notes during checkout with colors and pour styles you like or don't. You can also add an image to serve as inspiration for the colors and pour.

All of our models are made with platinum-cure silicone and colored with cosmetic-grade silicone pigments and ethically-sourced mica powder. Please know your limits before making a purchase.

Due to the handmade nature of our products, each piece is unique - they may have small irregularities depending on the mold, pigment, and pouring method. Major flaws will be noted in the description.

All sales are final.


Diameter of tip: 1.2 in

Diameter of widest: 1.4 in

Usable length: 6.5 in

Total height: 8.2 in



Diameter of tip: 1.5 in

Diameter of widest: 1.8 in

Usable length: 7.4 in

Total height: 9.3 in



Diameter of tip: 1.8 in

Diameter of widest: 2.1 in

Usable length: 9 in

Total height: 11 in

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